Choosing Right Cable Tie Sizes in 3 Steps: A Simple Guide

Choosing the right size for nylon cable ties is a critical step in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of cable management. This decision involves careful consideration of some key factors. In this guide, we’ll provide a concise overview to help you select the appropriate cable tie sizes for your specific application.

1. Length of Cable Ties

cable tie sizes

The length of cable ties covers a broad range from 80mm to 1800mm. Choosing the right length not only facilitates operation but also enhances cost-efficiency.

You can start by measuring the circumference of the object you wish to bundle together. Then, select a cable tie that is slightly longer than this measurement. This ensures that the tie will be long enough to securely wrap around the items, while also allowing some room for adjustments or additions to the bundle.

2. Bundle Diameter of Cable Ties

cable ties bundle diameter

The bundle diameter refers to the maximum circumference that the nylon cable tie can securely wrap around. It’s a critical aspect to consider, as selecting the right bundle diameter ensures that the tie will fit properly without being too loose or too tight.

3. Tensile Strength of Nylon Cable Ties

NIKE Plastic’s standard nylon cable ties offer tensile strengths ranging from 18 lbs (8 kilograms) to 375 lbs (170 kilograms). Selecting the right tensile strength is crucial for the functionality and safety of the ties in various applications. For example, bundling vegetables might require only minimal strength, while securing heavy-duty materials like ropes or cables demands more substantial resistance.

Understanding the specific needs of your project will guide you in choosing the right tensile strength for optimal performance and reliability.


In conclusion, choosing the right nylon cable tie sizes involves careful consideration of the length, bundle diameter, and tensile strength. By taking the time to evaluate the specific requirements of your project and matching them with the appropriate cable tie sizes, you can ensure optimal performance and safety. For cable tie material selection, please refer to our in-depth guide in another article titled“Cable Ties: A Comprehensive Guide to Top 4 Materials

NIKE Plastic’s Nylon Cable Tie Sizes

As a professional cable tie supplier, NIKE Plastic offers a wide variety of models, sizes, and tensile strengths. From standard sizes to customized solutions, we have an extensive range of options to suit any application you required.

Below you’ll find a range of specifications we offer. If you have unique requirements, our team is ready to customize them for you.

NK NO.LengthWidthMax.Bundle DIA.(mm)Tension
NK-3×803 3/16”802.416188
NK-3×1204 3/4”1202.430188
NK-3×1606 1/4”1602.540188
NK-4×1204 3/4”1203.6304018
NK-4×30011 5/8”3003.6804018
NK-4×37014 1/2”3703.51024018
NK-5×1204 3/4”1204.8245022
NK-5×30011 5/8”3004.8825022
NK-5×35013 3/4”3504.8905022
NK-5×40015 3/4”4004.81055022
NK-5×45017 3/4”4504.81305022
NK-5×50019 11/16”5004.81505022
NK-5×55022 10/16”5504.81755022
NK-5×65025 19⁄32”6504.8425022
NK-8×30011 5/8”3007.68212055
NK-8×35013 3/4”3507.69012055
NK-8×40015 3/4”4007.610512055
NK-8×45017 3/4”4507.611812055
NK-8×50019 11/16”5007.615012055
NK-8×55022 10/16”5507.616512055
NK-8×65025 19/32”6507.619012055
NK-8×72027 1/2”7207.821012055
NK-8×76029 1/2”7607.622012055
NK-10×40015 3/4”400910517580
NK-10×45017 3/4”450912517580
NK-10×50019 11/16”500914517580
NK-10×55022 10/16”550916517580
NK-10×65025 19⁄32”650919017580
NK-10×72027 1/2”720921017580
NK-10×76029 1/2”7608.822017580
NK-10×80031 1/2”8008.822517580
NK-10×92036 7/32”920926517580
NK-10×102040 5/32”1020929517580
NK-10×120047 1/4”1200932017580
NK-10×130051 3/16”1300933017580
NK-10×150059 1/16”1500946017580
NK-12×30011 5/8”3001280265120
NK-12×40015 3/4”40012105265120
NK-12×50019 11/16”50012150265120
NK-12×65025 19⁄32”65012190265120
NK-12×75029 17/32”75012220265120
NK-12×80031 1/2”80012225265120
cable tie sizes chart

If you need further assistance or have any questions about choosing the right nylon cable tie for your project, please feel free to contact us. We’re in this together for you!

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