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Our News page is your go-to source for all the latest updates and information about our company. Here, you’ll find a variety of news articles and press releases detailing our recent activities, product launches, industry insights, and more. Stay tuned to our News page to keep up with our ongoing developments.

Nylon Cable Ties in a Concert

The Crucial Role of Nylon Cable Ties in a Concert

In our previous articles, we’ve explored the diverse applications of nylon cable ties in motorcycle wiring, and maintenance. These seemingly ordinary tools play a crucial role in technical fields, and you might be surprised to learn about their vital role behind the scenes at large concerts. Today, let’s delve into the use of nylon cable ties in a concert.

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How to Loosen a Stainless Steel Cable Tie

How to Loosen a Stainless Steel Cable Tie in 3 Steps

In our previous article “How to Release Cable Ties Effortlessly in 3 Seconds” we shared methods to unlock nylon cable ties. Today, we turn our attention to the sturdier, more robust stainless steel cable ties and show you how to loosen a stainless steel cable tie in 3 steps.

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Nylon Cable Ties in BMW Motorcycles

The Essential Nylon Cable Ties in BMW Motorcycles

Nylon cable ties are indispensable, cost-effective tools for organizing and securing wires, cables, and various items.  In the motorcycle industry, nylon cable ties are extensively used in assembly lines, repair work, and routine maintenance. They are perfect for tidying wire harnesses and securing parts. Today, we will explore the nylon cable ties in BMW motorcycles.

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Locking Mechanism of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Explore the Locking Mechanism of Stainless Steel Cable Ties

The locking mechanism of stainless steel cable ties haven’t been thoroughly explained across the internet yet. However, it’s a subject that carries both technical significance and practical value. Understanding it can greatly enhance the way we utilize these tools. Today, NIKE PLASTIC is here to demystify the locking mechanism of stainless steel cable ties for you, and we will also share some handy tips for their usage.

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Tensile Strength Test of Cable Tie

Zip Tie Tensile Strength Standard and 4 Steps-Testing Methods

Every cable tie manufacturer should be intimately familiar with zip tie tensile strength standards and tests. After all, as a commonly used bundling tool, the efficacy and safety of a zip tie hinge directly on its quality. While there are many performance metrics to consider, tensile strength stands out as both foundational and critical. In this article, Nike Plastic will walk you through the standards and testing methods for nylon zip tie tensile strength measured in Newton.

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The 134th Canton Fair in China

China’s No.1 Fair: The 134th Canton Fair

The Canton Fair, formally known as The China Import and Export Fair, began its journey in the spring of 1957. Ever since, this grand event, held biannually in the spring and autumn at the Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, China, has been a staple of China’s trade scene. As China’s oldest, largest, and premier trade exhibition, it’s renowned as “China’s No.1 Fair”.

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cable tie tensile strength

1 Min Quick Guide: Cable Tie Tensile Strength

“What is the Cable Tie Tensile Strength in N/mm²?” Have you ever pondered over the question? While in our daily business, we typically use Newtons (N) or kilograms (kg) to describe the minimum tensile strength of nylon cable ties, the unit N/mm² (or MPa) is more accurate in depicting the tensile strength of its material. Now, let’s take just one minute to delve into the tensile strength of a nylon cable tie in N/mm².

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Innovative Uses of Zip Ties

7 Innovative Uses of Cable Ties

In our daily lives, are nylon cable ties merely tools for securing and bundling? Actually, these zip ties have numerous creative uses that may surprise you. Their versatility goes far beyond simple binding. At NIKE Plastics, we’ve compiled a list of seven innovative and practical uses for nylon cable ties:

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