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Our News page is your go-to source for all the latest updates and information about our company. Here, you’ll find a variety of news articles and press releases detailing our recent activities, product launches, industry insights, and more. Stay tuned to our News page to keep up with our ongoing developments.

The 135th Canton Fair

HUADA at The 135th Canton Fair

The 135th Canton Fair started on April 15, 2024! Known as one of the biggest trade shows around, the China Import and Export Fair has been a key spot for international trade since 1957. Every year…

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Creep of cable ties at different temperatures

Exploring the Creep of Cable Ties

The creep of cable ties is a phenomenon where the cable ties undergo a permanent deformation over time under sustained mechanical stress. Understanding this property is crucial for the use of polymer materials like nylon…

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Why Cable Ties Break in Winter and How to Solve It

Why Cable Ties Break in Winter and How to Solve It

Why Cable Ties Break in Winter and How to Solve It? As winter sets in, some cable tie manufacturers face a recurring complaint raised by customers: “Why are the cable ties so brittle and prone to breaking?” This problem, common in cold climates, often leads to a question: Why do these normally durable ties fail in low temperatures? There are, in fact, several factors

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Metal Zip Ties Material and Applications

Metal Zip Ties Material and Applications

Metal zip ties material and applications are the focus of our discussion today. Metal zip ties are lauded for their exceptional strength and durability. They can also maintain stability and durability in various extreme environments. So, what material gives them such great performance? And what fields is it usually applied to? Let’s expand on it below.

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Screw Mount Cable Ties

What are Screw Mount Cable Ties

What are screw mount cable ties? Today, let’s explore a unique type of cable tie: the Screw Mount Cable Tie. These ties are pivotal in the realm of cable management. This article will comprehensively cover the design features, methods of use, and various applications of screw mount cable ties, helping you better understand how they ensure the orderliness and safety of cables.

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