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We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in the cable ties business. With our years of experience, we understand the ins and outs of this industry, ensuring that we provide our customers with the most durable, reliable, and high-quality cable ties. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly innovating and improving our products, keeping up with the latest technological advancements to give you the best.

360 Cable Ties Solutions

Explore What We Are Doing Better

In our commitment to excellence, we continuously strive to improve and enhance our processes, products, and services. This journey of improvement is not just about being better; it’s about exploring innovative ways to deliver exceptional results. We believe in not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients, partners, and stakeholders.

Commitment to Improvement

We constantly innovate and strive to exceed expectations in all aspects of our operations.

Technological Innovations

We boost efficiency and maintain industry leadership by integrating cutting-edge technology.

People Development

We cultivate continuous learning among our team, enhancing skills for improved client outcomes.

Sustainability and Ethics

We're committed to ethical practices, environmental sustainability, and positive community impact.

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Automotive Cable Ties

Robust solutions for automotive cable management.

Nylon Cable Ties

Versatile, durable, and economical for diverse applications.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Exceptional strength for heavy-duty, harsh conditions.

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From initial inquiry to final delivery, we’re committed to guiding and supporting you through every step of your journey with us.


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We start by understanding your needs, goals, and the challenges you are facing. 


Align you with the optimal planning

We tailor a plan with products and services based on your needs.


Fight for Execution

We execute the plan efficiently, offering ongoing support for assured success.

we will assist you in any issue and conflict

Our team is prepared to assist in overcoming any difficulties or disputes you might encounter.

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Case Studies

What are Screw Mount Cable Ties

What are screw mount cable ties? Today, let’s explore a unique type of cable tie: the Screw Mount Cable Tie. These ties are pivotal in the realm of cable management. This article will comprehensively cover the design features, methods of use, and various applications of screw mount cable ties, helping you better understand how they ensure the orderliness and safety of cables.

Cable Ties for Outdoor Use

3 Types of Cable Ties for Outdoor Use

Today, we’ll take a brief look at three types of cable ties for outdoor use. When selecting cable ties for outdoor use, factors like weather resistance, UV stability, and tolerance to extreme temperatures play a significant role. This article focuses on 3 distinctive types of cable ties, each uniquely suited to withstand outdoor use. We aim to guide you through their features, helping you make informed decisions for your specific outdoor applications.

Different Types of Cable Ties

9 Different Types of Cable Ties

In this article, we aim to introduce 9 Different Types of Cable Ties, highlighting their unique functions and applications. Cable ties, made from PA66, may

Using Zip Tie Snow Chains in Snowy Conditions

Using Zip Tie Snow Chains in Snowy Conditions

Using zip tie snow chains during snowy conditions is something quite familiar to people in colder regions. In the depths of winter, when snow covers the roads, they can become slippery, making regular tires prone to skidding and even losing control. In such scenarios, zip tie snow chains prove to be especially crucial. They offer a simple yet effective solution to enhance tire grip on snowy surfaces, thereby reducing the risk of accidents in slippery conditions.

How to Use Zip Tie Snow Chains in 4 Steps

How to Use Zip Tie Snow Chains in 4 Steps

How to use zip tie snow chains for vehicles? Driving on snow-covered roads in winter poses significant challenges and hazards. To ensure driving safety, we often choose to attach “grippers” to the vehicle’s wheels, providing extra traction for steady driving and reducing the risks of sliding and losing control.

How Long Do Zip Ties Last

How Long Do Zip Ties Last

How long do zip ties last? This simple question involves many factors, including the zip tie material, its usage environment, and its application. Unable to provide a mere numerical answer, we’ve decided to write it down and share it with you.

High-Temp Testing Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 66 Cable Ties

High-Temp Testing: Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 66 Cable Ties

When buying cable ties, one of the most frequently asked questions is: What are the differences between nylon 6 and nylon 66 cable ties? Today, we’ve decided to conduct a high-temp testing of nylon 6 and nylon 66 cable ties. This test aims to reveal the differences in tensile strength under high temperatures between these two materials, assessing whether they can maintain their performance stability when exposed to elevated temperatures, which is one of the biggest differences between the two materials.

Cable Ties at the Dazzling 2024 Chinese Spring Lantern Fair

Cable Ties at the Dazzling 2024 Chinese Spring Lantern Fair

Cable Ties at the Dazzling 2024 Chinese Spring Lantern Fair may be unassuming, yet they play a crucial role. On the first day of 2024, I had the opportunity to visit the Spring Lantern Fair in Yueqing, China, where cable ties were ubiquitous. Their presence, while not eye-catching, was vital for the smooth operation of the fair.

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