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Low Profile Zip Ties

Low Profile Zip Ties are designed with a low-profile head, ideal for tight spaces, minimizing the risk of snagging or abrasion.

Low Profile Zip Ties are particularly designed for tight spaces. The low-profile design minimizes the risk of snagging or scratching. Their parallel entry design enhances their fit around circular bundles, providing a firm and stable hold. Low profile zip ties are dependable for organizing and protecting cables in space-restricted environments.

We offer two types of locking mechanisms for enhanced versatility: a Single Lock Head for efficient securing, and a Double Lock Head for additional strength and security.


  • Smooth Inner Surface: Ensures gentle contact with cables, reducing the risk of abrasion.
  • Broad Cable Contact: Provides a large contact area, minimizing potential damage to delicate wires.
  • Low Profile Head Design: The low profile head is especially fit for limited spaces.
  • Parallel Entry: Engineered for an optimal fit around circular bundles

Technical information

  • Material: Polyamide 6.6
  • Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Color: Black
  • Flammability Rating: UL 94 V-2
  • Other Properties: Halogen free, Silicone free

Product Dimensions

Low Profile Zip Ties Drawing
Low Profile Zip Ties
Part No. Min. Tensile Strength Length Max Bundle Diameter Width Locking Device
lbs N mm mm mm Single Double
HLP-9×180 88 392 180 42 9
HLP-9×260 120 534 260 65 9
HLP-9×360 120 534 360 100 9


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