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How to Release Cable Ties Effortlessly in 3 Seconds?

Cable ties, or zip ties, are commonplace yet tricky. Ever struggled with their one-time-use design? Discover our easy 3-second method to release cable ties effortlessly and reuse them, saving both time and resources.

What is the Structure of a Standard Cable Tie?

As explained in Wikipedia about the design of nylon cable ties: one end of the cable tie has a hole with a pawl (a one-way gripping structure), while the other end is relatively sharp. When the sharper end is threaded through the hole, the pawl inside the hole will naturally catch onto the teeth on the nylon strap, preventing it from retreating and allowing the cable tie to continue tightening without loosening. This securely binds the object.

The locking design ensures that the cable ties are difficult to remove without being cut or severed. However, if you want to reuse it, or maybe you’ve placed it in the wrong position, there’s a simple and quick method to help you release it.

How to release cable ties

How to Release Cable Ties?

To release a cable tie, all you need is a small flat object – a pin, needle, or screwdriver can do the job.

Ensure that the tool used is not too thick or bulky, or it could deform the cable tie and the barbed claw, affecting reuse.

  1. Firstly you need to insert the tool between the pawl and the tie.
  2. Then, use the tool to push the pawl in the opposite direction of the rack, thus loosening the “lock.”
  3. Keep the inserted tool still and pull the tie until it is untied.

Of course, if you want to reuse it more conveniently, you can choose NIKE releasable cable ties, also known as the reusable cable tie. This eliminates the need for any tools and avoids the weakening of the tie strength due to multiple forced openings.

We’re going to show you the easy way to release standard nylon cable ties within 3 seconds by video, saving both your time and money. And we also attached the comparison with the releasable cable ties. Let’s get right into it!

How to Release Cable Ties in 3 Seconds? So easy!

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