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The Clever Use of Cable Ties in Hanging Pork


Today, we’re excited to share an ingenious use of cable ties that you might not have known about – hanging pork.

(Images provided by Liushi Juyou Kindergarten, with thanks for their authorization.)

The Clever Use of Cable Ties in Hanging Pork
The Clever Use of Cable Ties in Hanging Pork

As the ‘Major Snow‘ solar term descends upon China, households across the country embark on a time-honored culinary tradition – the making of cured pork. This practice, deeply rooted in Chinese culture, heralds the approach of the New Year, bringing with it a flurry of preparation and anticipation.

Unlike other regions in China, the Wenzhou method for curing pork involves just two steps: curing and drying. Drying plays a crucial role in ensuring the flavor and quality of the cured pork.

With time, the tools for hanging pork have evolved significantly. Recently, a new tool has been gaining popularity for this purpose – cable ties. Made of nylon, these simple yet effective tools have shown unique advantages in the drying process.

The Clever Use of Cable Ties in Hanging Pork

The Clever Use of Cable Ties
The Clever Use of Cable Ties

First, a small incision is made in the cured pork slices to facilitate the threading of a cable tie.

Then, the off white zip ties of appropriate length are threaded through the pork slice.

Finally, the prepared meat is hung on a rod in a well-ventilated outdoor area, with the cable tie tied securely for the drying process.

The Advantages of Cable Ties in Hanging Pork

Compared to traditional methods of using rope knots or metal hooks, cable ties are not only more convenient and readily available but also safer and more reliable.

Firstly, the use of nylon cable ties greatly simplifies the hanging process. Their quick-fastening feature makes hanging pork more efficient and convenient, particularly when dealing with large quantities.

Secondly, the strength and durability of nylon cable ties ensure a reliable hold even in strong wind conditions.

Additionally, nylon cable ties are more hygienic due to their ease of cleaning and less propensity to harbor contaminants. For more information on the safety of nylon cable ties, you may refer to the article “Are Nylon Cable Ties Toxic?”.


The smart use of cable ties reflects not only a respect for traditional methods but also an adaptation and innovation suited to modern lifestyles! However, choosing the right cable ties is crucial. When selecting a professional cable tie manufacturer, special attention must be paid to the quality of the cable ties. Especially in cold, dry weather conditions like heavy snow, nylon cable ties are prone to becoming brittle. For a detailed explanation of why cable ties can become brittle and how to prevent it, please refer to our article “Why Nylon Cable Ties Turn Brittle in Biting Cold“, which delves into the scientific reasons behind this phenomenon.

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