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2 Harnessing the Power of Nylon Cable Ties to Secure Hairy Crabs and Blue Crabs

Nylon cable ties to tie up hairy crabs and blue crabs? Why?

Nylon cable ties to tie up hairy crabs and blue crabs

Many people may want to know the answer because these are two things, one is cable ties, an industrial product; the other is hairy crabs and blue crabs, which are food products. So, how do these two different products come together? Let’s take a look now.

  1. What are hairy crabs? What are blue crabs? Why are we discussing this together?

    Because this season, in China, is the season for eating hairy crabs. Blue crabs, at this time, also have a beautiful yellow color, which is a characteristic of China. If you have the chance to read this article, Tom recommends that you must try it, but if you drink alcohol, you should pair it with rice wine, which can warm your stomach, because crabs are cool in nature, or you can also drink white wine. Otherwise, according to traditional Chinese medicine, crab cold, if it does not have hot or lukewarm properties, will cause a certain degree of stomach pain or discomfort.
  2. The relationship between nylon ties and crabs

    Whether it is hairy crabs or blue crabs, they actually belong to the crab family, which in China means delicacies. So, why do we talk about hairy crabs or blue crabs when talking about nylon ties? This is because in Chinese wet markets, hairy crabs and blue crabs are usually tied with ropes, because if not tied, the crab claws may hurt people.
  3. Why will nylon straps replace traditional straw ropes or plastic ropes?

    In ancient China, straw stalks were generally used to bind blue crabs or hairy crabs, because the straw stalks were usually dried and tied. When binding, a certain amount of water was added, which would be absorbed by the straw stalks and increase the weight. ; In this case, when selling crabs, you can use straw ropes to increase the weight in disguised form, so that you can sell them at a good price.

It wasn’t until plastic material appeared that the red plastic rope in the picture not only strengthened the rope’s toughness, but was also easy to bundle and low-cost, and slowly replaced the straw rope.

Later, plastic nylon cable ties were invented; as we all know, nylon cable ties were first invented and used in the aerospace field. However, with the development of science and technology, the cost has been reduced step by step, and the application scope has become wider.

In the Chinese market, especially Chinese wet markets, you will find that slowly, many usage scenarios are slowly being replaced by nylon cable ties, and this is just one of the uses of nylon cable ties.

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