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7 Innovative Uses of Cable Ties

In our daily lives, are nylon cable ties merely tools for securing and bundling? Actually, these zip ties have numerous creative uses that may surprise you. Their versatility goes far beyond simple binding. At NIKE Plastics, we’ve compiled a list of seven innovative and practical uses for nylon cable tie:

1. DIY Zip Ties Shoelaces

Innovative Uses of Zip Ties
Innovative Uses of Zip Ties

Run out of laces? Want to try something different? Give zip ties a shot!

How to: First, ensure that the zip tie you choose is long enough to thread through the shoe’s eyelets. Slip your foot into the shoe, then thread the zip tie through two of the eyelets as illustrated. Once appropriately tightened, snip off any excess length. Just like that, you’ve got yourself a DIY shoelace!

Tip: Opting for a zip tie that matches your shoe color can make it blend in seamlessly. If you’re someone who loves colored laces, then colorful zip ties might just be your next go-to choice!

2. Emergency Belt

Innovative Uses of Cable Ties_Emergency Belt

Got pants or a skirt that’s a bit too loose? No worries! Instead of traditional belts, grab a nylon zip tie.

How to: Feed the cable tie through two belt loops and pull tight. Alternatively, wrap a long tie around your waist, using it just like a traditional belt.

3. Portable Phone Stand

Innovative Uses of Cable Ties_Portable Phone Stand

Long journeys by train or plane can be boring, but with a nylon zip tie, you can craft a makeshift phone stand to binge-watch your favorite shows without tiring your hands.

How to: First, grab two zip ties of similar size. Attach one zip tie on the left side and the other on the right side of your phone. Adjust and bend them such that they create a prop-up effect, allowing your phone to stand in a tilted position for a better viewing angle.

Tip: Make sure to choose the zip tie that are sturdy enough to support the weight of your phone. If you’re a frequent traveler, keep a couple of zip ties in your bag. Not only are they great for this DIY phone stand, but they can also come handy in various other unexpected situations!

4. Toilet Lid Lifter

Innovative Uses of Cable Tie_Toilet Lid Lifter

Don’t want to touch the toilet lid? Use a zip tie!

How to: Take a long zip tie and tie it around the edge of the toilet lid, leaving the tail part facing upwards. Now, every time you need to lift the toilet lid, simply use the zip tie tail. It’s both hygienic and hands-free! Say goodbye to germs!

5. Drain Unclogger

Innovative Uses of Cable Tie_Drain Unclogger

Blocked drain? No worries!

How to: Take a broad zip tie (we choose a 5x300mm size zip tie), cut notches on one side to create “teeth”, and insert it into the blocked drain, moving it up and down. In no time, the debris will come right out!

6. Portable Binding for Bikes & Motorcycles

Innovative Uses of Zip Ties_6
Innovative Uses of Zip Ties_Portable Binding for Bikes & Motorcycles

Use zip ties to secure items to the rear seat. Depending on the item’s weight, select the appropriate zip tie size. For more information, check out the tensile strength chart on our standard nylon cable ties product page.

7. Emergency Door Lock

Innovative Uses of Cable Ties_Emergency Door Lock
Innovative Uses of Cable Tie_Emergency Door Lock

Suddenly found your office door lock broken and no time for repairs?

How to: Use a heavy-duty zip tie as a makeshift door lock. But remember, while this method can be a quick fix, it’s not a long-term solution. As we mentioned in our article “How to Release Cable Ties Effortlessly in 3 Seconds“, they can be undone, so it’s a temporary solution, always ensure you get the original lock fixed or replaced soon.

Cable Ties: More Than Just a Quick Fix!

Whether it’s a minor hiccup in everyday life or an unforeseen situation during travels, nylon cable tie can be your dependable assistant. When Maurus C Logan invented them, he might not have imagined their diverse capabilities! Stay tuned for more ingenious applications of nylon cable ties.

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