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Security Seal

Tamper-evident plastic security seals secure items in trucks, vehicles, or containers. They provide clear evidence of tampering, ensuring the safety and integrity of goods during transit.

Security seals are one kind of plastic seal, that is used to secure items in trucks, vehicles, or containers. These security seals are designed to be tamper-evident, meaning any attempt to break or remove them will be noticeable. They are primarily used in industries such as transportation, logistics, utilities, and food to ensure the safety of goods during transit.


1. Easy to use, just pull tight through the hole, no other tools are needed
2. With metal insert and spikes which can fasten the goods well.
3. All seals can be customized in terms of design, color, size, and printing to meet your specific demands.

Technical Information

  • Material: PP/PE
  • Color: Customized according to your needs.
  • Operating temperature: -20—70°C
  • Printing: Laser printing or hot stamping.

Production dimensions

Security Seal Drawing
Security Seal Drawing
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